Online Reporting

Please contact with any queries.

Adding the website as an app on your phone

Online Reporting is compatible with most mobiles and tablets.

It can be added as a 'web app' which means you will have access to the website from your homescreen like other apps, but it will open in the internet broswer.

Click here for instructions for an Iphone or Ipad

Click here for instructions for an Andriod phone or tablet.

Passwords and Logging in

The first time you use the system you will need to click on

'Don't remember your password?' and then go through the password reset process setting it to something memorable.

All parents should have received an email with information about Online Reporting. Your username is your email address, and your password is up to you.

Parents who have more than one pupil at the school should have access to each of their Online Reports. Any issues then email us.

Sixth Form students also have access to Online Reporting via their school email account. They too will need to reset their password to something memorable.

Recent Homework

This homework is automatically uploaded from teachers electronic markbook.  It is arranged here by the date it was set, most recent at the top.

You can mark off each piece of homework as you complete it, and can hide homework when it is complete.


These attendance and punctuality figures are calculated using the ‘official’ registers taken by the tutor twice a day during tutor time and assemblies.  There are many different ‘codes’ that are used to calculate the attendance.

In the sixth form students are entitled to a number of registration sessions off.  These registration sessions do not affect the attendance.

Lesson Attendance (Just for Sixth Form)

Only currently available for the Sixth Form; the lesson registration is calculated using the registers taken by teachers at the beginning of each lesson.  There are three options: present, late or absent so even if a pupil has been absent for valid reasons this is still counted as absence.

Rewards (Just for years 7-11)

At the Ashcombe School we operate a system where teachers can electronically issue rewards (Merits in the lower school, Credits in the upper school).

These rewards are added up for individuals, tutor groups and for the 4 houses (Stuart, Tudor, Windsor and York) and prizes awarded.

Note that one reward can have multiple reasons.

Detentions (Just for years 7-11)

Detentions (Just for years 7-11)

Here you will find a list of ‘active’ detentions; those that are scheduled for the future or that have not yet been resolved.


We are working to get these timetable as up-to-date as possible.  There may be times when there are missing lessons.

Teachers and Classes

Here you will find a list of the subjects, sets and teachers for the pupil.

Recent Report

This section gives you a summary of the students most recent full report or progress review.

SSA means ‘study skills and attitudes’ and is an average grade (A-D) on the following areas:

In years 7-9 students will be given an attainment grade for each subject on a range of 1-6 (1 the highest) These attainment grades represent a proportion of the yeargroup:

In years 10 and 11 students will be given targets and attainment grades based on the 9-1 scale (9 the highest) on which the GCSEs will be assessed.

The target grade is calculated individually for each pupil and each subject.  It’s based on how well the students performed in year 9 as well as how well students at The Ashcombe School perform in each subject. It’s a grade which we think the students should be able to meet.  Our challenge is for students to exceed their target.

In the sixth form the target and attainment grades are based on the following scale:

Targets are calculated based on the performance of students in their GCSE and are individualised for every pupil and every subject.